About Us

Build connections with your audience and grow your client base with compelling imagery and attention to detail.

Regardless of the size of project, we work closely with our clients to integrate an existing ideas, or visualize a compelling new plan to market your project, your business, or your brand.

  • Visuals & Design
    With the average person scrolling through online content at an estimated 8.2 Kilometers a year, you have but a fleeting second to grab the attention of prospective clients.  We live in a visual society, and if viewers can’t see your brand, it doesn’t exist…
  • Conference & Event Liaisons
    From small company parties, sales conferences, to multi-national gatherings, These events are full of moments that should not go unrecorded. Regardless of the size of the event, our dedicated team will be on hand throughout, be it a day, or a week-long affair.
  • Creative Consultants
    Two heads are better than one.  Our team will work with yours to develop new and exciting tools to market your business.  Sometimes it takes an outside influence who can take a step back and see the whole picture from an entirely new perspective.  We come to the table with our vast network of contacts in social media, design, print, and sales.
  • Brand Ambassadors
    You’re investing in a team who care as much about your brand as you do.  Our support doesn’t expire when the project is done, we’re committed to building a lasting relationship.


    Our business is your business.

Very Special Evening

Thank you for being part of such a special evening in support of Canadian transplant families. You were able to capture the essence of each and every one of our celebrity guests so well.

David Foster Foundation

A Cut Above

You worked wonders during the sales rally, capturing the upbeat attitude of our team. Management was impressed with the poise, respect, and eye for detail you brought to the table.

Bell Media

Sharp Eye, Classic Style

Scott is one of the best photographers that I have had the pleasure of working with. He is a team player with a sharp eye and a classic style, and I highly recommend him for your project

Ajani Charles

Dedication, Creativity

Scott is great to work with. He’s amiable, efficient, and finds a good balance of his own artistic vision and what the client wants. He has a fresh approach to every project.

HipHop Canada

Crucial Moments

Scott is an amazing photographer with a fantastic and humble work ethic that always gets the shot. Scott has been there to capture the crucial moments in a brilliant and dynamic fashion.


Genuine Passion

Scott is a true professional who shows genuine passion for what he does. He's friendly and easy to work with. He's been a boon to I.M.P and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Independent Music Promotions


Just a few of the companies and brands we've had the pleasure of working with over the past few years.


Experience - Vision - Integrity

We bring our years of experience building brands with independent musical acts to multiplatinum award-winning musicians, small business to multinational corporations. Through the years we've seen it all. Our services are custom built to suit the individual needs of your brand.

Years of Experience

Ideas had

Photos Delivered

Happy Clients

Our People

We are who we are because of our people

We hand pick our team members from a diverse pool of talented individuals who each bring something exciting and special to the table. Our team are dedicated, and passionate individuals who care immensely about the final product and their part in it.


Scott Alexander

Owner, Photographer, Consultant

Scott started Baker Street Creative after working in the photography field for years to provide his clients with an all in one solution for marketting their brand, bringing a collection of talented creatives together to work towards a common goal.


Cherie Dykstra

Administrative, Audio Engineer

Classically trained in Audio Engineering in Vancouver, Cherie brings her unique ear to the team in addition to helping run day to day operations.


Matthew Ball

Videographer, Consultant

Matthew has been working in the creative fields for over a decade, bringing high quality video and creative services to corporate clients across Canada and overseas.


Clayton Cyre

Writer, Consultant

Clayton has written for popular magazines ABORTmag and HipHop Canada, and runs his own blog :The Millenial Perspective, and brings his unique talents, visions, and experiences to the team.


Kris McDermott

Broadcasting, Writing, Consulting

Kris brings to the team years of experience in broadcasting with one of Canadas largest networks, and as such is well versed in advertising, and the audio/video worlds. He constributes regularly to several established magazines as a staff writer.


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What we've been up to

A quick look at past events and projects we've been honoured to be a part of.


We're always happy to meet new people

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss the logistics of your next project and how Baker Street Creative can contribute to your success. All email correspondence should be answered within 12 - 24 hours.