Scott Alexander

Owner, Photographer, Consultant

Scott started Baker Street Creative after working in the photography field for years to provide his clients with an all in one solution for marketting their brand, bringing a collection of talented creatives together to work towards a common goal.


Cherie Dykstra

Administrative, Audio Engineer

Classically trained in Audio Engineering in Vancouver, Cherie brings her unique ear to the team in addition to helping run day to day operations.


Matthew Ball

Videographer, Consultant

Matthew has been working in the creative fields for over a decade, bringing high quality video and creative services to corporate clients across Canada and overseas.


Clayton Cyre

Writer, Consultant

Clayton has written for popular magazines ABORTmag and HipHop Canada, and runs his own blog :The Millenial Perspective, and brings his unique talents, visions, and experiences to the team.


Kris McDermott

Broadcasting, Writing, Consulting

Kris brings to the team years of experience in broadcasting with one of Canadas largest networks, and as such is well versed in advertising, and the audio/video worlds. He constributes regularly to several established magazines as a staff writer.


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