Tristan Risk’s Nonesuch Book

Together with Artist, Writer, Director, Performer, and all-around creative entity, we put together Baker Street’s first physical publication.  We worked from start to finish with Tristan providing photography, layout and design, marketing, and worked with a local printer to bring this project from an idea to a physical booklet.

2019’s New Curiosities

The two newest additions to the Caravan of Curiosities last year were Corporal Coppertop and The REAL Santa Clause

Throwback: Hockey Day in Canada

There is not much more exciting for the average Canadian than Hockey.  So when we were asked to cover the Hockey Day in Canada events for Upper Deck, we jumped at the chance.

Behind The Scenes: TV/Movie Stills

Shooting for TV and MOVIES usually means long hours and hard work, but there is little more exciting than quietly moving around a set capturing both the posed moments, and the real interactions with the talent, extras, and crew as they work together, not always seamlessly to create something timeless.