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Oprah Winfrey and David Foster at the 30th Annual David Foster's Miracle Concert, October 21st 2017 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver

David Foster Foundation: 30 Years

For those not familiar with David Foster, for the last thirty years, the foundation that shares his name has been raising money for children in need of organ transplants, and their families who often have to travel at great expense to be with their kids. Foster’s friends come together and use their star power to spread the word, and the mission of the foundation. Red carpet events can be fun, but with a couple dozen photographers jockeying for the same posed shot, it’s definitely a challenging event.

The average posed shot from these events makes headlines the next day, and if the photographer is lucky, it plays in a few smaller outlets over the next few months. It takes a miracle for a red carpet shot to make real, lasting, waves. When we’re covering these types of events, we find it best to not be hindered by the assignment. We’d rather watch quietly for a single moment that defines the individual instead of testing the ability of our cameras to capture a dozen or more pictures in a single second.

At the David Foster Foundation’s 30th Annual Miracle concert, our primary goal while covering the carpet was to portray each guest as a caring individual who lets the best aspects of their personality shine through.